Greetings, the last thing I wanted to be in this world was some televangelist Buddhism preacher begging people for money.  The idea of our asking or accepting donations was a difficult decision that I had to make.  Our dedication to our Buddhist faith is not about money or getting rich or over with our Buddhist faith.  The bottom line is that it takes money to operate a World Buddhist organization.  Moreover we consider that there are perhaps those who agree with our ideas and support our movement in the shadows who may simple want to give us a thumbs up.  Some times a donation is a yes vote. Who knows how we are precieved?  It would be great if someone showed their support with a donation.  We put a means on our site to accept donations. It does not matter about the size of the donation.  The idea that anyone will donate shows that our efforts to promote Nichiren Buddhism is appreciated and Respected.  Simply click on the Paypal logo and make  a donation.  Thank you in Advance

Anthony "Amp" Elmore President and Founder of the Proud Black Buddhist World Association