Black Leader Malcolm X Influenced The The Proud Black Buddhist Website
By Anthony "Amp" Elmore Sr.

Malcolm X

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Malcolm X is recorded as one of the greatest Black leaders in American history. Malcolm X  taught Black Americans Pride, Dignity & Courage. Malcolm X was not afraid to stand up to a  racist white America and say what he thought. Malcolm taught Black Americans to arm  themselves with knowledge. Malcolm taught Black history and gave Black Americans pride  in themselves. In a book titled "Malcolm X On Afro-American history" Malcolm taught Black  Americans to take pride in the fact that the  Buddha Shakyamuni was Black.  Malcolm X represented a spirit in Black America that encouraged Black people to stand tall and to find courage and dignity by understanding history. "The Greatest" world boxing champion Muhammad Ali was a student of Malcolm X.  Malcolm taught Muhammad Ali to stand strong. Anthony Elmore read the book Malcolm X on Afro-American history and learned that Shakyamuni Buddha was a Black man. Anthony Elmore is a student of Malcolm X and the spirit of the Proud Black Buddhist Website is assisted by  famous Black leader Malcolm X.  Please note that it was the "Spirit" of Black leader Malcolm X who inspired the "Proud Black Buddhist" Website.