PROPRIEITY: Black History for Buddhists, Christians & Muslims

by John L. Ellis, M.B.A.

Part 1: Fraud

The contributions of black people as a whole to modern and ancient civilization are so profound and fundamental that a very strong case could be made in favor of their proprietorship In regards to all of the worlds sciences, arts and philosophies, One reason this is not a widely known fact is the long held tradition among modern western scholars which distort the facts with racist, anti‑Black interpretation. In order to perpetrate these falsifications, they are obliged to ignore the ancient historical Greek scholars such as Pliny, Erastothenes, Plutarch, Diadorus and Herodotus. In fact nearly all ancient Greek and Roman historians give a record that is quite at odds with the falsifications of western scholars of today. They have to ignore the archaeological and anthropological evidence of the Sphinx and the pyramids in addition to the works of Dr. Leaky and Dr, Diop. In addition, whenever advantageous to do so, they confuse the ethnicity of ancient peoples, for example; promoting that ancient Egyptians are white and that Egypt is in the Middle East as opposed to being in Africa, Objective observation of all the evidence indicates that we are dealing with the most monstrous falsification in the history all humanity which leads to the single most tragic event in history, the destruction of Black civilization, Continued misrepresentation regarding true African history will eventually plummet, et the entire planet into a conflict between the races. This is because it is out right slanderous for anyone to think of Blacks the ancestral source of all humanity, as inferior in any way.


Archaeologists have found the oldest form of writing known to man in Africa. Throughout the ancient city of Meroe, all of the temples, pyramids and monuments are covered with African languages older than anything extant. However, based on groundless assertions, modern scholars give credit to Asians for the invention of writing.


If you start history of the fall of the Roman Empire, you eliminate 4,000 years of the greatest parts of Black civilization. If you name each period after the invading occupants of Africa, then you obliterate blackness as being of any significant historical import. These and other policies are utilized by the American Historical Association and similar such organizations, For example: They list Period I. as 700 A.D. to 1500 A.D. (what happened to pre 700?), Period II becomes Islamic Civilization, Period III becomes European Civilization and Period IV is Colonialism, in other words, according to them, there is no Black Civilization in African History.


Throughout the western scholastic world; black Pharaohs become white or Asiatic, the Black population of Egypt is never counted as Egyptian, white kings of lower are presented as Pharaohs of all Egypt, African names are replaced with European, Arab or Asian and Hammites and Cushites are presented as white, when they are obviously Black. Millions of blacks become non African and Egypt becomes white with the stroke of a pen. An additional tactic involved strategically occupying the coastal locations in order to isolate the blacks from the rest of the world. Non‑Blacks were then able to effectively claim all great black achievements as their own. The fact is, Egypt was a civilized slate for over 10,000 years when the Persians first invaded in 525 B.C. followed by the Macedonians, the Romans, the Arabs, the Turks, and England. All of these people were barbarians when they entered Africa as compared to the heights of civilization African cultures had already attained.


Part II. Ethnicity

A very important point to remember is that Asians are not native to ancient Africa, The appearance of Arab-Asian people in Africa is due to their role as invaders, plunderers and usurpers. In this context, Asian imperialism was for mare devastating in Africa than either that of Europe or America. There is an enormous amount of evidence which shows that ancient Egypt was owned, ruled and inhabited by blacks. In an attempt to deny the Black origins of humanity, modern scholars try to attribute the high level of civilization of ancient Egypt to the "external influence" represented by contact with Asians! This is racist propaganda at the highest level because there is absolutely no foundation what so ever to indicate that African civilization came from Asia.


These types of falsifications abound in modern culture and literature but not in ancient sources. The fact that western scholars have always put a white face on black greatness is attested to by several historical deceptions which have become institutionalized by western society. For example, most people are ignorant of the fact that there are two types of black Africans. This is important to understand because it is a fact that is conveniently ignored by modern historians in their white‑washing of the world's oldest culture. It can be observed that one type of Black has wooly hair and thick features while the other (which is probably more ancient) has straight hair and fine features, Examples of blacks with straight hair and fine features would include the Dravidians of India and the Nubians of Africa, Therefore, it is a mistake to assume that Blacks with straight hair have white or Asian ancestry the way that western historians are prone to do.


Distortions regarding the ethnicity of key historical figures cause people to become deluded in regards to the debt of gratitude that they owe to the ancient ancestors of all mankind. One type of world‑wide delusion involves the ethnicity of Buddha, Jesus and Mohammed. All of these men would be considered as black people if we go by today's standards, The some is true with ancient biblical people like Moses and the Israelites, There is no way that 70 Jews are going to, live 'in an all Black world (Egypt) and grow to 600,000 within 400 years of intermarriage with Africans and not turn black itself! Here is a list of some of the Black people (by today's standards) in biblical literature: Moses and his Medianite wife, Joseph and his brothers, Abraham and all Medianites, Cushites, Canaanites, Hittites, etcetera.


Simply put, there is more evidence for a black .Jesus than a white one and in order to be politically correct you must be historically correct. Matthew chapter 1, verses 1‑17 names at least three Black women in Jesus' ancestry. In addition, descriptions of Jesus are found in Revelations 1, verses 14‑15 and Daniel 7, verse 9, are at the very least of a non‑white man. In fact, the Roman Emperor, Justinian the Great minted a gold coin that carried a depiction of Jesus as a wooIy‑hoired Black man. It Is a matter of historical record that all early statues, paintings and other depictions of Jesus and Mary were black throughout Europe until around 400 A,D. (i.e, Black Madonna). To this very day, the Black Madonna is being held at the Vatican in Rome, Worship of the Black Madonna and the Egyptian goddess Isis were both well established in Europe by 1450 A.D. . However, RA become politically expedient to change the color of Black Jesus to a white Christ it) order to continue the enslavement of Blacks world‑wide.


When the historical Buddha, Shakyamuni or Gautama Siddhartha was born, the ancient Hindu peoples were mostly Black Cushites and Black Dravidians . This would account for, the many portrayals of Buddha with wooly hair and references to him as the "Peppercorn God", Contrary to what is generally taught about the caste system in ancient India, social standing had nothing to do with color. Thus, a black Dravidian or black Cushite could occupy the highest place in society and frequently did, In any event, Shakyamuni, being born into the Black world of ancient Indio was definitely non‑white and most probably Black. In his "Historie du Japan", Koempfer states that the Buddha was on Egyptian priest who was chased from Memphis by the persecutions of Corribyses. This is strong evidence for positing an African origin for Buddhist thought. Buddhist concepts such a karma, reincarnation  and ancestor reverence all were in existence in Africa thousands of years before the historical Buddha was born. The same can be said for Christianity and Islam to the extent that their religious ideas were borrowed from ancient African principles, The belief in one supreme god was also in existence in Africa long before the advent of Jesus or Muhammad. The entire pantheon of Catholic pantheon originated as African sub‑deities of so‑called "pagan" blacks.


All of this can best be put in proper perspective if you observe modern world‑wide practices concerning ethnicity, One such practice is to classify people in the United States who have any amount of Black blood in their ancestry as being Black while conversely, in the African and the Arab worlds, any amount of Caucasian blood in someone's ancestry classifies them as white, This type of double talk is typical when encountering the racist interpretations of modern western historical scholarship. What this tactic does is create enough confusion so that the blackest people on earth can become Caucasian, if that is what is politically desirable. And conversely, people with very light skin are called black, if that is convenient to do so politically. This double‑standard is being perpetrated world‑wide, yet most are not even aware of it because is has become so institutionalized in modern cultures.


The blackness of ancient Egyptian civilization is undisputable, It is also a very critical factor in understanding how the world has been mislead by western scholars in regards to the great contributions these people have made to the world. After due credit is given to these original peoples, one has to wonder what is left for others to claim if anything is left at all, The evidence is conclusive, In 1961, Dr. C.A, Diop author of the book " African Origin of Civilization"  was able to determine the Black Ethnicity of several mummies stared in French Museums, One of the things he discovered was that the skin of theses mummies contained the same type of melanin pigmentation found in the skin of all other Africans, This discovery confirms ages old data given by the ancient Greeks. In fact, Herodotus refers to the ancient Egyptians as "Melanchroes" meaning Black‑skinned people. Nearly all of the ancient Greek and Roman historians give similar accounts which are totally at odds with the picture being pointed today as if Blacks have no history or culture of their own.


The melanin molecule is not just a pigmentation element. It is a very powerful and versatile chemical that is found in almost all of the internal organs of humans. It is also found in the eyes, skin and hair. The word melanin is a Greek word that means black, The purest form of this substance is called eumelanin and it ranges in color from dark brown to very Black.


The major purpose of this molecule seems to be to act as a shield from harmful radiation. So, as our so‑called "advanced" technology" destroys the ozone layers, melanin becomes a critical element' for survival on this planet. Therefore, the strongest melanin provides the best protection. Other properties include conductivity, insulation, antiviral and neurotransmitter. Bullet train technology is based upon the super conductivity of artificial melanin molecules. The synthetic melanin of Dr. Barnes is being used to coat the circuits of all NASA space vehicles. 1990 AIDS researchers proved that [he virus is unable to survive in the presence of fully functional melanin molecules. Pheo-melanin or psuedo-melanin is a weaker form of melanin that is lighter in color than eumelanin. These two forms of melanin and various combinations thereof, in turn produce the six basic types of melanated  peoples in the world today .


Part III: Origins

To repeat, the interpretations of African History given by modern western scholars is a form of white supremacy racist propaganda, pure and simple . In contrast to this, the whites of the ancient world did not question the fact that Africa (Ethiopia) was the principle center of learning in the entire world. This is attested to by their accounts of the ancient African city of Thebes (Nowe),  which was also known as the "University City". According to them this was the oldest city or) the planet at that time. The early Greek and Roman scholars unanimously proclaim that their western culture was copied from the architectural and religious knowledge of African civilization, For example, Herodotus refers to studying in Ethiopia with pride and confirms that key elements of Greek civilization were borrowed from Egypt, the "cradle of civilization". He and Diodorus also confirm that the ancient Egyptians were Black people and that these Thebans were "the first men on earth", Diodorus also cites the ancient blacks as the original source of Greek philosophy, astrology and astronomy.


It is estimated that Herodotus went to Egypt around 625 B.C. in order to study at the, world famous "University City" of Thebes, he, Monetho, Plutcrach and nearly all of the other Greek scholars estimate at or around 17,000 B.C. as the beginning of Egyptian civilization, In addition, even modern scholars have to admit that 'the calendar was invented in Egypt as early a 4,245 B.C.


One of the main purposes of this work is to show that all theories of inherent black inferiority are bogus. These slanderous policies and practices stemmed from a need to justify confining slavery to Blacks alone. In essence, the prisoner of war slavery that all peoples were subject to, become open season on blacks primarily because of the Marmeluke Rebellion (1300 A.D,). The Marmelukes were enslaved white mercenaries and soldiers who staged such a bloody, shocking and ruthless rebellion, that slave‑traders world‑wide never again hunted whites for enslavement. With the demand for Black slaves increasing and that for white slaves decreasing thus began the moss migrations to escape the slave ­hunters. Millions of blacks were forced to take refuge in swamps and coves only to be forced out by people already hiding there. The partitioning of African and the enslavement of its people has led to a primitive form of existence for many. These unfortunate souls are always used, as examples of African cultures. Therefore, the rationale for the inferiorization of Blacks for political purposes is re‑enforced.


In 2,600 B~ C., the Black Bantu Pharaoh Chephren, built the great Sphinx in his own image. In addition he also built the Great Pyramid of  Giza .  Today, the nose of the Sphinx, a monument to Black greatness, has been disfigured in a vain attempt to hide the African features.  However the European scholar Count Constantinde Volney (1757‑1820 A,D,), not only confirms that the model for the Sphinx is black, he also asserts that Blacks are the primary source of the worlds arts, sciences and languages. In fact, the latest archeological! findings of Dr. Louis Leakey and others shows overwhelmingly that the first Homo‑Sapiens of 40,000 B,C, are black people (Upper Paleolithis (Potassium 40/Argon dating these and other facts are attested to in objective works such as "Fossil Men" by Boule & Vallois, where they document their examinations of ancient ruins and human remains. Additionally, Leakey cites blacks as the ancestral source of all the other races of mankind in his "Monogenetic Thesis of Humanity".


Part IV: Evidence

There is strong evidence that white skin is a form of albinism. Both conditions Caucasians and albinism, are genetically recessive traits and microscopically, there is no difference between the two types of skin, This lack of melanin was serious taboo to ancient Africans, so the albino populations become isolated. Furthermore, they could no longer withstand the strong equatorial sun and had to migrate north to cooler climes, These people become the early European and Asian races and 20,000 B.C. is the estimated time-line of their appearance as a group, the result of a process coiled "depigmentation", as described by Dr. C. A. Diop & Dr, F. C. Welsing, Interestingly, Diop also postulates the possibility of Asians as being Mulattoes with the cold and windy Asian weather accounting for their facial and eye s(ructure. The incidence of indigenous blacks 'in early Asian histories is backed up by the existence of the Ainu and Negrito Black populations in ancient Japan, "For a samurai to be brave, he must have a bit of black blood. ("Ancient Japanese proverb), Ancient blacks in southern China are also a testimony to an ancient world populated by blacks, producing whites and then eventually the Mulatto‑like Asians.


In his lost major work, "Moses and Monotheism", Sigmund Freud illustrates how the Judeo‑Christian belief in one supreme god is actually derived from ancient African religions, Monotheism in Africa antedated the Jews by several thousand years before Abraham. In addition, the roles various African sub‑deities are exactly the same as those of the patron saints of the Christian world. The fact that Africans are a very religious people was not ignored by the invading plunderers of "The continent, Islam and Christianity become the leading weapons in the rope and pillage of ancient Africa. This has been accomplished by first sending in missions of brotherhood and peace. After establishing themselves among the Africans the conversion process begins, Africans who refused peaceful conversion were either killed of exiled .


It was around 1,400 B,C, when , as I mentioned earlier, 70 Sheppard's folk from Palestine, fleeing famine and upon coming to Egypt found the paradise of the Nile Valley. However, the Egyptians were fearful of the growing numbers of Jews among them and decided to take genocidal precautions to control the population growth. In other words, the Jews were severely oppressed by the Black Egyptians. All male children were eliminated and stringent restrictions were in place to limit the number of pregnancies among the Jews. Thus, when early Hebrew biblical literature was written, it reflected contempt that for the Blacks that had enslaved and oppressed them. This is the main reason behind the so‑called "curse" on Ham (Genesis 9;25‑27). It natural to curse your enemies and so blackness became a curse in all biblical literature and therefore all of western culture.


The predynastic times of 4,500 B.C. shows Africa with the most advanced civilization at that time in history, Africans had a real system of self government based upon a Constitutional representation by a Council of Elders, This advanced system of government was based upon a Constitution that is universal throughout all African culture. The earliest form of democracy known to man has been misinterpreted by western scholars as "chiefless", "kingless" and "stateless", Fortunately, because of the African belief in reincarnation, ancient Pharaohs hove immortalized the greatness of ancient black civilizations on such a grand and colossal scale that the truth is there for all who honestly seek it.


As the worlds oldest known city, Thebes (Nowe) also had the greatest number of temples, which were also centers of learning or universities. To this very day, the evidence and artifacts from this great legendary city can be found in the various "museums" world‑wide. One thing to keep in mind is that this plunder was stolen by people who were barbarians compared to the proprietors of the artifacts and treasures of ancient Africa.  All of the ancient obelisks, pyramids and stone masonry that existed in Thebes was for beyond anything the invading hordes had ever seen before. 


The fight for the wealthiest continent on earth was in the works as the Eurasian countries began dividing the long coveted "promised land" 'into the portioned principalities observed in present times. Historically, a list of invaders would begin with Babylon in 2,1100 B.C., the Jerusalem in 1,400 B.C., followed by Athens, Rome and Antioch at 1,200, 1,000 & 400 B.C. respectively. The practice of attributing the high level of civilization attained by the ancient Egyptians to some type of external influence is very common among modern western scholars. What is interesting is that they have very little evidence for such absurd assumptions. There is however a substantial amount of information that testifies to the fact that all of the primitive nomadic invaders eventually based their entire civilizations upon what they learned originally from Africa.



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