The Constitution of the United States of  America is one of the greatest documents ever written. It was Dr. Martin Luther King and others who made America live up to her creeds. Nichiren Daishonin the "True Buddha"established the greatest religion in the world for all mankind.  The Japanese who bring this religion to America are not propagating Buddhism in America in the non discriminating  spirit of Nichiren Daishonin. Dr. Martin Luther King called for reforms in America we call for reforms in the teaching of Nichiren Daishonin's Buddhism in America.
While Jefferson, Madison and writers of the constitution wrote a great document Jefferson was a slave owner. Dr. Martin Luther King challenged America. Today standing with the founding fathers in Washington we find a memorial for Dr. King who helped America.  We African American Buddhist must build scholarship and courage to bring the Buddhism of Nichiren Daishonin to our communities. We must integrate the teachings via our culture and traditions so others can learn about this wonderful teachings.
The Teachings of Nichiren Daishonin's Buddhism are the most profound teachings in the world. I make clear that while I am a absolutely a Nichiren Buddhist, I am not a Japanese. A Black man is the President of the United States of America, the most powerful man in the world. What the Japanese are putting down in America is too wrapped up in Japanese Culture. It is difficult to delineate the Japanese culture from Buddhist teachings. Buddhism has been in America for about 50 years and there are no Black Buddhist scholars or respected Buddhist leaders or teachers in America.  It is no wonder that a major earthquake, flood, fire, water and devastation hit Japan. In 1991 I left the SGI Buddhist organization because of Japanese racial insensitivity and racism. I wrote a letter to SGI members. When you read my 1991 letter it is dejavu all over again because the Nichiren Shoshu Priest did exactly what the SGI did and they destroyed the faith of members in Memphis.  We make clear that we need a cultural integration of Buddhism in our communites.
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We are Carving a "Cultural Pathway" to Nichiren Daishonin's True Buddhism
Our record speaks for itself we have video documented more English speaking Nichiren Shoshu members than any one else in the world. We have traveled from Taisekiji Japan to Ghana in West Africa.
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This website is designed to be a "Cultural Pathway" to introduce Nichiren  Buddhism Culturally.  We are like a Black radio station or your Black entertainment cable channel.  We must develop more Buddhist, Scholars, teachers and preachers.  We must have the courage to teach this Buddhism in our communities.

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The Nichiren Shoshu Temples in America and the SGI represent a distinct Japanese culture whereas the Buddhist culture and teachings are centralized and conditions prevent  the spontaneity of culture.  Buddhist dialog regarding cultural events is void as it relates to the teachings of Nichiren Daishonin. Our current Buddhist teachings does not allow an environment that incubates American Buddhist protagonist, writers or journalist who are engaged at teaching the Buddhist Prospectives of life and living. A Barack Obama or no Black hero could emerge from Buddhism because there exist in Buddhism in America a Japanese culture that is out right restrictive. At this time in Nichiren Shoshu there is a condition and culture that is unfriendly to African/American people.

To put it clearly this Japanese Buddhist culture in America in inhibutive and outright "Un-American." Let me take my comment a step further some actions by our Japanese brothers and sisters borderlines "Racism."I have attempted to encourage Nichiren Shoshu Priest to lecture on and deal with current events and to help bring Nichiren Shoshu Buddhism to our main stream society. This Buddhism does not help with the liberation and advancement of Black causes and this is tragic, because "True Buddhism" is liberating. When the devestation hit Japan the Priest have never commented.  We find this to be a part of Japanese culture whereas the Japanese government are not straight forward people like Americans.  In the culture of Japan when asking a question to give no answer is your answer and I find such culture as dispicable in America. The true Buddha Nichiren Daishonin was straight forward and when asked a question the Daishonin answered the question.

The True Buddha Nichiren Daishonin writes: "Exert yourself in the two ways of Practice and Study, without Practice and study their can be no Buddhism." Below is a short lecture by the late Black historian "Dr. John Henrik Clarke. Dr. Clarke was an advisor to Malcolm X. Below Dr. Clarke gives a short history of Christianity and Islam.  This is what we call "Afro-Centric History."  This history is the inclusion of African history that was wrote out of history.  In Japan the Japanese wrote African history out of their history. The 1st people to inhabit Japan were African people who are ancestors to the Ainu people of Japan.  The 1st Shogun of Japan was an African.  There is lot of African History in Nichiren Shoshu Buddhism  even down to the object of worship the Gohonzon that has  two Black Buddhist Gods written on it.  One  God is called Fudu Myo'o and the other was Shakyamuni Buddha who was of African decent. Click on pictures to learn more.
The Black Buddhist Deity Fudo Myo'o in Black & White was drawn on a suit of armor traditionally believed to have belonged to Ashikaga Takaugi (1305-1358), the founder of the Ashikaga Shogunate. The first Shogun of Japan was an African warrior by the name of Saknouye Tamuramaro. In ancient history Black people did not have the racist stigma attached to them as we find today. In Japan there is a proverb that states "To be a brave samurai you must have a bit of Black blood". Today in Japan and through-out the world there is racism against Black people and through-out the Buddhist religion this racism is prevalent. It is important for Africans and African/Americans to study hard and correct misrepresentation of Buddhist history.  Click on picture to learn more. Alhought this is history many of the Japanese Priest will say that I am teaching racism. This is true history. Click on Picture.

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 5 Time Kickboxing Champion Anthony "Amp" Elmore and Former NFL Wide Reciever Mario Henry in Afro-Centric discussion Regarding Buddhism in America
Anthony "Amp" Elmore
Publisher Proud Black Buddhist Website. Former Kickbox champ Nichiren Buddhist member

Former NFL Wide Receiver Mr. Mario Henry is a CEO executive and SGI District leader in Philadelphia

" I am a black man and a proud one too but that doesn't mean I need a special Buddhism for black people. That was not Nichiren's intent!"

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This February 1979 photograph is absolute documentation of Tina Turner as a Nichiren Shosho Buddhist. Tina Turner clearly showed the power of her Buddhist faith. Click on photo to learn more about Tina and Buddhism.

While I am a Nichiren Buddhist I am a voice calling for change in the way Buddhism is propagated in America. If Buddhism is to make its way to the Black community there must be cultual pathways. Click on picture to see video "Japanese propagation methods assault on Black culture.

USA President Barack Obama sister is a Buddhist.  A Barack Obama or a Dr. Martin Luther King could not have emerged from the Buddhist ranks because the Japanese are out front.  Buddhism in America does not integrate more deeply with American culture. The current culture does not incubate many American Buddhist scholars, teachers or preachers. In the case of Africans and African/Americans, history points out that Ancient African Buddhist built the pyrimiads, and advanced civilizations in India Harrappa and Mohenjo-daro. The ancient African Buddhist in Asia is overlooked. We must integrate this history and encourage scholarship in our communities. In the context of history Ancient Buddhist history was Black history.  The Nagas of India were people of African decent.

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Ancient Buddhist history is Black History. Japanese do not recognize Black history in Buddhism. Africans practiced Buddhism in ancient times in Nubia & Egypt. They were Kushites or Naga people. In India they were also called Dravidian People. Read my Buddhist Black History month lecture 2013. I have been a Buddhist since 1974. The Japanese teach Buddhism in a way that makes them superior.

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Coming Up in 2014 We will launch the "Proud Black Buddhist World  Association." We will stop begging  Japanese to to stop their Ethnocentrism and Racism. We will issue  our own Gohonzon's and establish an independent Black Sangha that is rooted in the true history  of Buddhism that includes the African Presence in Buddhism. We will practice Buddhism in a dominate African  and African American Culture. We will be like the Black Church with high Sprits. We are "Cultural not Racist. All Races are Welcome.

In Buddhism the sick child should come 1st.  Anthony "Amp" Elmore Challenges Nichiren Shu Leaders regarding African American  Policy.

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