We at the Proud Black Buddhist World Buddhist Association forwarded a letter to the Nichiren Shu Buddhist sect regarding their policy regarding African Americans. At the time of our question in November of 2013 they do not have a “written policy.” We suffered “Racial Discrimination from Nichiren Shu, Nichiren Shoshu and the SGI Buddhist organization.

The Gosho titled “The True Aspect of all Phenomena” read: The sutra states, Ever since the long distant past I have been teaching and converting this multitude.” There should be no discrimination among those who propagate the five characters of Myoho-renge-kyo in the Latter Day of the Law, be they men or women. Were they not Bodhisattvas of the Earth, they could not chant the daimoku.”

The Proud Black Buddhist World Association does not discriminate. We strictly follow the guidance of Nichiren Daishonin as it relates to discrimination. Beyond the reaches of those who propagate Myoho Renge Kyo we do not discriminate period. Whether you are male, female, Gay, transsexual, Atheists, Christian, Muslim, or whatever, your race, nationality or religious Affiliation we do not discriminate. Our 1st member to our organization is my White friend Timothy Mckay.

We call our selves the “Proud Black Buddhist World Association.” The word Black does not denote “Race, but Culture.” Such titles are common when we look at the “Greek Orthodox” Church or the Church of England; the name represents Culture and not race.

We hold at the Proud Black Buddhist World Association we will not tolerate the stigma and the discrimination that is associated with Black people. A White can call a Church by its cultural name as French, German, Irish or whatever. In the case of the word “Black” being used to denote Culture always been frowned on by society. Such thinking is from the residues of Black slavery and oppression. Blacks are categorized as racist when being proud of their culture. There is a dual standard in regards to race and Blackness.  We Black in our organization are Proud Buddhist.

We are from the old NSA days and our organization look forward to teaming up with many of the NSA Buddhist who are White and also and who do not have a problem with race or the name. Such people are Buddhist and it does not matter if they pray with a group of Proud Black Buddhist or not.

We need everyone to help make our organization successful. When I started Buddhism both Black and Whites helped me. When I first started to Practice I purchased a very large Buddhist Altar and the White leader Mr. Gerald Thompson asked could he come over and enshrine my Gohonzon. I was so honored that many White people came to my home. In Memphis we had the “South Chapter” which was Black and other chapters we got along very well.

There will be African Americans who will join the faith and they will need assistance. SGI Buddhist Black or White will be glad to assist. We do not discriminate. There will be some Whites who will feel at home with me. The Proud Black Buddhist World association will be of a great value to the growth and development of Buddhism. Many will like our Black Music.

Our African American or Black dominated Sangha will be a great Value to the Buddhist movement in America.

Proud Black Buddhist World Association on Discrimination & Racism