I n 1974 when I first got into Nichiren Shoshu Buddhism I wanted to know and understand "Why I was born Black". Looking back at such a question I can understand why I was born as a Blackman in America. Also the more I study Nichiren Shoshu Buddhism the closer I come to understanding the plight and history of Black people. One thing that many of you who are reading my lecture may find gratifying is the fact that we openly discuss Black issues and not feel anxiety because we choose to discuss that, which concerns our history and us.

From the stand point of Buddhism all history is relevant. The Law of cause and effect does not discriminate however European dominated world history discriminates when writing about history that is inclusive of Black people. Unquestionably mankind's history on earth began in Africa and if we were to examine mankind all humans come from the Blackman. White is simply a recessive gene of humans who were once Black changed to White about 20,000 years ago. White people are simply "Cro-Magnon" man who came from Grimaldi Man or a simple mutation of the Grimaldi Man. Oriental people are simply a combination of the Cro-Magnon man and the Grimaldi man born during the Reindeer period about 15,000 years ago. All human beings are Homo-Sapiens Sapiens and the only difference in man is the phenotype and all humans have the same monogenetic origin.

Anthony Elmore January 2001

Buddhist Lecture

The Karma Of Black People
By Anthony "Amp" Elmore

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