We at our African and African/American Nichiren Shoshu Buddhist Web site like to add a lot of passion in our study of Buddhism. Whenever you mention about the Black Buddha most White people get defensive and say "What difference does it
make whether the historical Buddha Shakyamuni was Black or White? Buddhism traveled from India to China, from China to Korea, from Korea to
Japan. If I were to write about the Buddhas in Viet Nam or Thailand no one would say a word, but the minute you present evidence of a Black Buddha
people get defensive and nervous talking about the issue of race. As long as Japanese and Whites are the authorities on Buddhism everything is fine,
however when a Black man present Historical evidence many Japanese and Whites go to coughing, eyebrows become raised or they may go into a state of denial. One White Hokkeko member suggested that I talk to a Priest and I told that White man to go tell the Priest that I wanted to talk. I want answers, I do ask questions. A White member wrote us last month and said that he could
prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Shakyamuni was of Aryan decent. Where is your evidence? I have been waiting on the White member to present
his evidence. We have always said that there is a Black Buddhist history hidden and the more we research, the more Black history keep coming. In this lecture will reveal some Black Buddhist history in the heart of Nichiren Shoshu. There are two Black Buddhas written on the Gohonzon.

There Are Two Black Buddhas On the Gohonzon
Anthony "Amp" Elmore Sr.
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