The Black Buddhist History Lecture Page
This is our first site we created explaining  the First recorded Buddha Shakyamuni to be  Black. We use the Nichiren Shoshu magazine to support our claim

Racism has hidden Black Buddhist History. This lecture is called Introduction to a Black Buddhist Past this will give you an understanding about the Black Buddhish past.

Buddhism traveled to many different cultures.and this is a brief lecture of Buddhas of many cultures
The first recorded  Black revolutionary in History is the Buddha who fought racism which started in India and the lecture is Buddha was the First Black Revolutionary.
Nichiren Daishonin in the Gosho says that he was born lowly to a Chandala family let us examine and read this Black Buddhist lecure on the word Chandala. The Chandala were the Black people of India enslaved by the cast system. Read this to get a clear understanding of Black Buddhsit history.

There are two Black Buddhas on the Gohonzon our Buddhist object of Worship.  Learn about Fudo Myo' o and Shakymuni two Black Buddhas on the Gohonzon. Please ask the Priest to Lecture on this Subject.  This is exciting news to learn!!!

The Buddha Shakymuni Budda did not speak Sankrit but he spoke Prakrit. Sanskrit was and is a racist language. Please read this lecture to understand about Sankrit a dead and racist language. Read this lecture to get a better understanding of Buddhist History.
Please read these excerpts from Malcolm X 1964 Speech on Black History. Malcolm mentions about the Black Buddha and other Black History that it is important to know and learn. Please read your Black History.

L.A. Nichiren Shoshu member John L. Ellis writes a Black  History lecture. John Ellis had Tina Turner sons in his Nichiren Shoshu Study group. John play music with everybody from James Brown, Ojays, Al Green, Chaka Kahan, Everybody.

Racism and the fall of Buddism is why science declined in India
Anthony Elmore use the Gosho The Workings of Brahma of and Shakra to explain Black Buddhist history as well as writing an Afro-Centric lecture on Nichiren Daishonin's Buddhism.

Dr. Inyan Elango write a 1999 Letter to the Boston Globe. You can learn of history and current conditions of the racism in India this very day. This will help you to confirm the true history of Buddhism.

Dr. Inyan Elango gives a lecture of understanding racism and skin color issues in India. We in America faced and face the same issues. This explains the history of the color game in India.