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Buddhism is a science as well as a religion.  Website publisher Anthony "Amp" Elmore is a Buddhist lecturer who purposefully teach Buddhism from an African American secular social cultural prospective.  Elmore introduce to readers his Buddhist Lecture titled "Good Hair."  This Lecture was inspired by the 2009 Chris Rock Movie "Good Hair." Anthony "Amp" Elmore uses the Buddhist teaching of Nichiren Daishonin of Japan and he create the world's most Comprehensive lecture on "Black Hair" and its history and America and the world. Elmore intergrate Black Hair with the 3000 year old history of Buddhism.  Elmore gives a "Cause and Effect" Relation to Black Hair and how this phenomena effects the lives of  people of African Decent worldwide.  More importantly Elmore presents in this website an African American secular Buddhist point of view. Elmore notes that while he is not a Priest or a religious leader this website is the most comprehensive African American secular Buddhist Website in the World.

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Welcome to our Proud Black Buddhist Website 2014. We are the Proud Black Buddhist World Association. We do not have a Japanese or Asian Master. We include our African and African American  culture in our Buddhist faith.

Buddhism is a Life Philosophy, a Science,  Religion and a Way of Life. There is a lot to chew on when entering the World of Buddhism. We have a menu that can help you to navigate around our massive website. Please note that I have been a Buddhist for 40 years. We started our website in 1998 and we have evolved over the years. Some things were written 16 years ago when I was going through fights over Buddhist doctrines. We are still evolving as Buddhists. We believe we as lay Buddhist present the World's most comprehensive African American Buddhist Experiences. When I lecture on Buddhism I come from a background that includes history, science and culture. We at this website do not just promote Buddhism from a Religious point of view. We integrate culture, social and economics into our lectures. We are Nichiren Buddhist and Nichiren Daishonin was a master of history and culture. We follow his examples in our lectures.

Nichiren Shoshu Buddhist Scholar Alan Billups